How to Get Free Publicity for Your Race

January 3, 2017

How to Get Free Publicity for Your Race

Do you ever read stories about other races and wonder, “How’d they get the reporter to write about them?” The key to many of these editorial mentions is having a great story worth writing about. And every race has a great story, you just have to dig deep enough and find it!


What kind of stories does your race have that is newsworthy? Read on and find one that speaks to yours!



Highlight Interesting Participants


Participant stories are a great angle because they showcase what your race is all about. Event this angle can have more narrow angles to follow and pitch. For example, if you know about a participant whose 100th marathon is yours, highlight that!



This is probably one of the more solid publicity angles, as it may keep reporters coming back to you when they need a story or stats in the area(s) you serve.  In particular, if you took on the challenge years or even quarters ago, for example, of selling homes in an up-and-coming area and have now dominated it, you likely know the ins and outs of that neighborhood. (This is a good opportunity to share a bullet list of changes and impacts you have seen or made throughout that time.)


Reporters love stats, so if you have some that won’t violate local disclosure laws (perhaps number of homes sold year-over-year if it’s significant, average sale price difference year-over-year, etc.) coupled with some commentary on the changes, then you could get quoted and be seen as a true expert.